The DCI Lausanne develops and supplies solutions at the very forefront of cryogenic imaging. Our center of competence serves the academic, medical and industrial fields in Switzerland and all around the world.


The Dubochet Center for Imaging (DCI) is a joint initiative of the EPFL, the University of Lausanne, the University of Geneva and the University of Bern.

The DCI is composed of three units: The DCI-Lausanne, located at the border between the EPFL and the University of Lausanne; the DCI-Geneva is located in the Science II building of the University of Geneva and the DCI Bern, located in the Insititue of Anatomy at UNIBE.

These units form the DCI, a service platform for cryo-electron microscopy. The DCI operates several high-end cryo-EM instruments to study biological molecules, viruses, bacterial, micro-crystals, small organelles, or sections of biological cells or tissue.

The DCI has the expertise and is equipped to perform the entire structural analysis pipeline, covering the preparation of the samples, image and tomography data collection with electron microscopes, micro-electron diffraction (micro-ED), computer image processing, and atomic model building.